I would like to send out a HUGE THANKYOU to every single one of you who helped bring the magic to the Kitchen Table Conference on 6 October. I came away filled with optimism and inspiration. So many new connections made!

A few moments have continued to stay with me:

  • Acknowledgement to country made by Isaac (13 years old)
  • Co-design welcome video crafted by Dani especially for the event 
  • Unexpected deliciousness of the kimchi at lunch
  • Look of utter shock on Alex’s face when a huge group decided to join his videography workshop
  • Cameo by the car (the driver was so tempted to do a burnout!)
  • Government fashion show by Karan
  • Peels of laughter ringing through the street from the stories shared on the couch
  • How vastly different an event feels when people share the experience in a personal home

You can re-live the day in the conference video below, shot by myself and participants on our phones. Great job interviewing folks! Film soundtrack was recorded in the conference music workshop with Oscar Asbanu. 

My favourite piece of feedback on the event came from the young people who live next door: “Great party you had yesterday.” And they were right. It was so much more than a conference! To quote Kate: “It was a gift! An act of hospitality and an incredible act of placemaking.” One that I will never forget!

Heartfelt thanks to the volunteers, participants, speakers, sponsors and workshop leaders who all played an equal role in making the event a success. Special shout-out to Michael, Isaac, Claire, Floyd and Iggy for being such wonderful hosts. I tip my hat to you.

– Valli