“By the people, for the people.”

It was wonderful to facilitate on-stage interviews with community placemakers at the recent Place Invaders event held at Port Adelaide recently. The event was sold out, jam-packed with a great crowd of Port Adelaide folks. So I thought I might share some more info on these inspiring local citizens over a series of blog posts for those that couldn’t make it!

Tracey Davis

Tracey is a Kilkenny based creative dynamo from the western suburbs of Adelaide. She and fellow Gorilla Art members work to fill their whole suburb with colourful creations, coordinate stobie poll painting, beautify train stations, enhance street verges and run art tours.

Tracey and her partner Eugene also run a ‘paint bank’ out of their house, a community capacity building initiative where they provide practical advice about obtaining approvals from SA Power Networks, consulting with neighbours, preparing and the poles and developing artwork ideas. A full kit of paints, brushes and other materials is then provided to the community member.

“Residents are feeling empowered and able to decorate their neighborhood as they might their lounge room.”

By the people, for the people. It’s no wonder that Tracey was awarded Citizen of the Year in 2016 by the City of Charles Sturt. Community placemaking is expanding into neighbouring suburbs. Another paint bank in the neighbouring suburb of Croydon launched in 2017.

Find out more about the work of this inspiring local placemaker here. Loving your work Tracey and fellow Gorilla Art members! *High five*