I had such a great time running two ‘idea-storming’ placemaking workshops for the City of Port Adelaide Enfield over the past week!

There is nothing better in this world than spending time with people who are bursting with ideas to bring their neighbourhoods to life.

I firmly believe that an idea shared, is an idea improved. The last two evenings saw 30 plus people convene in Kilburn and Port Adelaide, bringing a plethora of project concepts to the table. Ideas were bounced, synergies formed and collaborative partnerships crystalised. Grant funding opportunities and application processes were discussed in detail – aka the fabulous new PAE Places Grant.

Project ideas included: street poetry, sculpture walking trails, family yoga parties, community gardens, paste-up tours and so much more. A lot of advice was dispensed, but my single biggest tip to all aspiring community placemakers, is:

Be bold, but smart. Start small.

Become a place entrepreneur. Treat grant money as seed funding and your placemaking project as a pilot. Test it, learn from it, refine it – then scale up in round 2.

Community placemaking projects are no walk in the park, they can be hard work, and consume a lot of volunteer hours. But the passion burned strong with the people I met in our workshops this week. I can’t wait to see many of these ideas come to fruition over the next 12 months.