About Us
In our present day shift from ‘industrial’ to ‘information and service’ based economy, creativity is becoming an increasingly important asset.

Morph-it, a new Adelaide based consultancy, brings a fresh new approach to community engagement and placemaking, overlaying tested Human Centered Design approaches with creativity.

We combine flexible management and specialised skill set and to meet client’s needs within rapidly changing times.

Community engagement

# Creative workshop facilitation – using creative engagement processes to maintain participant attention and deliver successful outcomes when working with communities, reference groups, trader associations and other stakeholders.

# Complex community engagement – delivering co-design processes to build consensus on complex projects and difficult decisions.

# Online engagement – development of online engagement management strategies, management of online engagement web pages and facilitation of webinars for consultation purposes.

# Council workshops – planning and delivery of workshops for local Council Members, to assist with project planning, stakeholder mapping, strategic planning and budget bid evaluation.

# Event MC-ing – event hosting and MC-ing on events for Councils events, conferences, groups, and other activities.


# Human centred placemaking – planning and delivery of placemaking processes, fostered in true collaboration with local stakeholders to deliver place improvements in public spaces, town squares and main streets.

# Place planning – delivery of collaborative place planning processes and place management strategies to inspire ownership of ongoing place activation by local stakeholders.

# Place audits – planning and delivery of place based research to enhance understanding of rhythm and movements of place, track user demographics and behaviour, and measure placemaking project outcomes.

# Placemaking grants – provision of development assistance and administrative support in the delivery of placemaking grants.

# Placemaking training – delivery of tailored placemaking training, including: introduction to human centred placemaking, place based auditing techniques, improving shop frontages to increase trade, and ephemeral place installations.

Creative projects

# Chalk art – delivery of live demonstration chalk art for events and festivals. Ephemeral artwork can be delivered on most surfaces including pavements, road and walls.

# Road artwork – collaborative project planning and delivery of alternative traffic calming solutions through creative road artwork.

# Community installations – developing programs to support local communities leading ‘creative makeovers’, community placemaking projects and ephemeral installations within local reserves and main streets.

# Events – planning and management of local events and street parties.

# Graphic recording – live art and graphic recording of presentations, conferences and events.